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Our Charity

We normally support a different charity every year for the full 12 months and donate a sum of money from our profits to it. We use a set of criteria to help us to decide which charity to choose: a worthy cause (judged by us), small, reputable and dynamic. This year we have adopted a different approach. We will still support one charity but this year it will be the same as last year

Madeline and the team at Artbox London do such a great job in an area we really believe in that we had to extend our support. They support people with learning disabilities to express themselves through art, whilst developing their life skills and confidence in an inspiring, fun and friendly environment. Artists are empowered to sell their work through Artbox London exhibitions held in professional galleries and corporate spaces. Artists receive 50% of the proceeds from the sale and the other 50% goes back into the organisation.

Having their own permanent gallery space will make a huge difference to Artbox and the artists. We want to help them achieve this goal. If you would also like to, why not go to their website and buy one of the pieces of art.