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Social responsibility

The environment is a major global issue. The directors of Tigermarque firmly believe that every company and every person should play their part in ensuring we leave this world as richly resourced as we left it.

We try to do our bit. We use printers that purchase paper from producers who are members of Woodland Carbon, the Woodland Trust’s carbon removal scheme, which plants trees to capture carbon emissions. www.wwodlandtrust.org.uk

We actively recommend clients choose, and provide advice on, packaging systems and substrates that use sustainable materials that can be 100% recycled.

We can often be seen cycling to meetings and, if not, we use public transport wherever possible. We re-use paper that has been used on just one side and recycle all paper. Likewise, we recycle all print cartridges. We turn off lights that are not needed and computers at the end of each working day.